Mr Hoggard

Parent engagement in maths

Below is an outline of how I have tried to help year 11 parents be more involved with their child’s maths in this crucial year.

Initial contact – September 2014

Letter sent home introducing teacher and inviting parent in for open evening. Email addresses asked for on reply slip (28 out of 30 emails recieved).


First open evening – October 2014. See notebook file “Year 11 parents meeting

Presentation given to parents with opportunity for questions. Main points made;

  • The importance of mathematics GCSE
  • Everyone can do maths attitude
  • Students must work hard
  • How to organise work (use of folders, books and Google spreadsheet)
  • Parent support
  • Support at school (maths surgery, mymaths, mathswatch, videos)
  • How to use videos
  • Test results with follow ups to be emailed to parents

Parents given an individual flyer with their child’s personal login details for mymaths, mathswatch and instructions for signing up to See flyer “Year 11 flyer


Specification and topic list

All parents emailed course specification with;

  • topics studied in year 10- highlighted red
  • topics studied in year 11- highlighted in green
  • topics to be studied – highlighted in yellow


Test results

All parents emailed their child’s test results following topic tests and mocks with links for supporting test follow ups using mail merge. Example email below;


Dear parent,

“Student name” achieved “student’s mark” out of 200 in their recent mathematics mock exam. This is a grade “student grade”.

Your child has been given an individual breakdown of their marks on every question and the topic concerned, students need to set themselves two targets (for example “To calculate the area of compound shapes) and action these. An action should involve them doing some questions on this; students could use, one of my videos, attend maths surgery or come to see me any time. This has all been explained in class. Students have also been emailed link to full solutions to these exam papers. Here they are again;

Paper 1 –

Paper 2 –

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Sam Hoggard


Second open evening – November 2014 See notebook file “Year 11 revision

Focus of presentation was “how to revise for GCSE maths” with opportunity to ask questions. Main points made;

  • Students must work hard
  • How to organise work (books, folders, online checklist)
  • Work area at home
  • Equipment needed
  • Revision techniques (flash cards, videos, mock papers)
  • Visualisation strategy

Parents emailed “Information from revision session”.


Pre-parents’ evening information

All parents emailed details of revision information including;

  • How students should use checklist



All parents emailed survey to assess impact of this program.

Summary report

Q1. Did you attend first open evening?

Total responses: 11
Yes – 10
No – 1
Q2. How useful did you find the evening ?
Total responses: 10
Very useful – 7
Quite useful – 2
A little – 0
Not at all – 1
Q3. Any suggestions for improving the evening.
Response 1
“A timetable of evening dates – useful for planning”
Response 2
“Make it ‘parent only’ Don’t try to be ‘buddy like’ we r not kids”

Q4. Did you attend second open evening?

Total responses: 11
Yes – 10
No – 1

Q5. Did you find the evening useful?

Total responses: 10
Very useful – 5
Quite useful – 5
A little – 0
Not at all – 0

Q6. Any suggestions for improving the evening.

Response 1

Q7. Have you received regular emails?

Total responses: 11
Yes – 11
No – 0
Q8. Have you appreciated receiving these emails?
A lot – 7
Yes – 3
A little – 1
Not at all – 0

Q9. Any suggestions for improving these emails.

Response 1

Q10. Any other comments.

Response 1
“The effort you have been putting into your students is fantastic and greatly appreciated. As far as my own individual child is concerned the phrase ‘can lead a horse to water………’ Sadly springs to mind! She is aware of the grade she needs for sixth form do hopefully all your hard work and encouragement will pay off. Many thanks.”
Response 2
“The idea of kids keeping work in an A4 file which is to be bought to each lesson is awful. What is wrong with an exercise book?! Files are too big and bulky – school bags are groaning already especially on PE days. Ditch them or keep them in class.”
Response 3
“Thank you for taking the time to communicate with us parents.”
Response 4
“Very useful to have contact opportunity to find out more. Otherwise info is not fed back from student!”
December 27th 2014